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14u Hockey Dryland Development Camp

Our Goals
The 14 and under camp will build on base movement qualities to expand the foundation of strength and athleticism for each athlete.
 Keeping in mind the constant commitment to the quality of movement, we will introduce more challenging drills to expand on:
  • Proper posture, strength,, body control, balance, and coordination

  • Rhythm and timing during different movements, including hopping and skipping

  • Correct starting and running positioning to help build acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction skills

Players will also learn and develop:
  • Foundations of strength training movements, such as push-ups, lunging, and carrying weight
  • Specific drills for advancing speed and acceleration
  • Techniques to improve flexibility and mobility
Follow the link below to register for the camp, and make sure to click the Packages tab to sign up for multiple classes! Contact Adrian at to get more information or help signing up.


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