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Off Season High Performance Camp

Our High Performance Camp is geared to target the specific needs of high level hockey players (college, juniors, tier 1 players). This is past simply getting stronger, faster, and more conditioned; in this camp, we are looking to turn over rocks to find the very specific areas each player needs to work on to improve their game. We perform testing at the beginning of the camp to determine what areas a player needs to work on the most. From there, we design a training program to address these specific areas for each player. Running four days each week, players will work in a group environment on their program under the supervision of our coaching  staff.
Requirements for this camp:
   - Multiple years of experience in formal strength training (ideally with a coach/trainer)
   - Have a strong foundation of movement with weights
   - At least 16 years old or older
   - Currently playing at tier 1, juniors, college, or above

The High Performance Camp starts on Monday, May 30th and ends on Thursday, August 11th. All training sessions are at our location inside City National Arena. Workouts will be at 11am, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with 44 training sessions in total. The cost of the camp is $1000 for the entire summer, and payment plans are available upon request.

To register for the High Performance Training Camp, fill out the form below. Please contact Jared Joerger at or (702) 335-8856 with any questions.
High Performance Camp Registration

Thank you! A coach will be in touch with you shortly

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