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Private and Semi-Private Training

Do you play for a team but feel like you'd progress better with private coaching? Are you not part of a team, or sports at all, but interested in individual programming and coaching to help you reach your goals? Then private training is for you! Get the benefits of individualized workout programming and the motivation of working with a coach without stepping into a busy, crowded commercial gym.

Individual Training
One-on-one training is perfect for anyone looking for individualized coaching and programming to meet their goals. Sessions are 55-60 minutes long and are fitted specifically to your needs. Each session will follow a tailored program to help you make continual improvements and surpass your goals!

Semi-Private Training
With our semi-private training, you will have a program written for your specific goals and needs. Sign up in our open training times at either of our locations, and our coaches will give you all the cuing and guidance needed to get everything out of your program. You will be sharing the training time with other athletes, but that will just push you to train harder!

Please submit information to field below to give the coaches your initial information to start setting up a program for you!
Semi-Private Programming Basic Info

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