At Off Ice Athletics, we are committed to meeting your needs. Whether you are a coach searching for off ice strength and conditioning for your team or an athlete wanting to improve your strength, conditioning, and athleticism, we are here for you. Maybe you are a parent looking to help your child reach the next level, or perhaps you're not an athlete at all but have goals you want to reach, we are here for you too!

Team and Group Services


Off Ice Athletics was built with the team in mind. On-ice performance and success begins with the correct off-ice foundations. At Off Ice Athletics, we are here for all teams to help athletes learn the fundamentals of movement and control off the ice, so that they can be prepared for their performance on the ice. Mastering fundamental movement patterns in a safe setting can translate to a more durable athlete of any age. A strong athlete is a safe athlete.

However, our services don't stop at the fundamentals. Our coaches have the experience and knowledge to take you to the next level in your performance at any level!

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Individual and Private Services


We at Off Ice Athletics realize that the team approach to training doesn't fit every style of learning. While some athletes may thrive in the group/team setting, others may learn and progress better through one-on-one training. For that reason we offer private training with individualized programming and coaching. This allows us to really focus on you or your athlete's goals specifically.

Private training is not just for athletes! We also have a wide range of experience working with personal training clients. From parents to coaches, siblings or even non-ice athletes, you do not have to be associated with a team or sport to work with us!

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Group Classes and Camps


Not every athlete has a team that they are training with. That should not stop them from getting in the gym and working in a group. At Off Ice Athletics, we offer different classes and camps for youth athletes and adults that will help improve all areas of strength, athleticism, and fitness. Tailored to each age group, we have what you need for each person to improve a driven group atmosphere!

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