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Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp

Our Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp is designed for high school aged athletes to build and continue the development of overall speed, strength, and conditioning. Working under the watchful eye of our coaching staff, athletes in this camp will focus on learning and executing movement with high quality while making measurable progress. It is not a one-size-fits-all camp; instead, we work in a group environment while still addressing the needs each athlete has in the gym. Running three days per week, each athlete will get the exposure they need to grow without overloading their bodies. By the end of summer, our goal is each athlete walking away with a better understanding of how their bodies move, how to properly workout in the gym, and to have a better appreciation of the benefits of training to their continued growth. And yes, to be a stronger, faster, more conditioned, and overall more well rounded athlete.
Requirements for this camp:
   - Experience working with a coach or working out in a gym environment
   - Have a basic understanding of or exposure to strength movement patterns 
   - Age: In high school/high school age for the 2022/23 school year
   - A willingness to listen, learn, and work hard

The Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp starts on Monday, May 30th and ends on Thursday, August 11th. All training sessions are at our location inside City National Arena. Workouts will be at 2pm, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with 33 training sessions in total. The cost of the camp is $750 for the entire summer, and payment plans are available upon request.

To register for the Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp, fill out the form below. Please contact Jared Joerger at or (702) 335-8856 with any questions.
Strength and Conditioning Camp Registration

Thank you! A coach will be in touch with you shortly

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