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Injury Evaluation and Treatment

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Unfortunately, injuries are always a part of athletics. Whether it is something as simple as a sprain or aggravated muscle, or more serious like a concussion or torn ligament, we are here to help. Our team can help you figure out what is going on with your injury, and come up with a game plan on how to treat it.

Injury Evaluations: Athletes will sit down one-on-one (or with a parent/guardian) with our staff and walk us through their injury. From there, our athletic trainer will take them through a thorough testing/evaluation session to get all the information needed to make the proper recommendations for treatment. If you need to see a doctor and don't have one for your injury, don't worry! We have a network of doctors across the valley we can refer you to.

Injury Treatment: Our athletic training staff are licensed and equipped to treat your injury. Based on the recommendations from the initial evaluation, our athletic trainer will perform the hands-on treatment techniques they see fit to best help your injury. These include, but are not limited to: cupping, scraping, dry needling, soft tissue release, assisted stretching. They will also use movement and strength based exercise to help re-strengthen the injured areas as needed. 

Recovery: Hands on treatment is useful, even if you do not have an injury. The same techniques we use for injury treatment can also be used to help alleviate chronic tight areas in the body, areas of imbalance between limbs, or even disfunction in specific parts of movement.

Injury treatment or recovery sessions can be scheduled in either 30 minute ($50) or 60 minute ($80) sessions. 

To schedule your injury evaluation or injury treatment/recovery session, to get recommendations for treatment, or with any other questions, contact Kendell at (970) 391-6408 or at
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