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Reconditioning and Return to Play

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How It Works

Reconditioning Training: It can be a long road back to your sport from an injury or surgery. A common misconception is an athlete is ready to get back in the game after they finish physical therapy. However, there is still a gap from the PT graduation and their readiness to handle the demand of their sport.

Our goal is to take your athlete from the completion of their rehab and get them fully ready for their return to play. As a part of our plan, each person receives individual, hands on coaching and a progressive training program. We do not focus only on the improvement of the injured area, but we design a training program to prepare the athlete's entire system to return to game ready. We communicate and work with your doctor or other medical team to ensure a smooth transition back to play.

Scheduling and Cost: All reconditioning workouts are scheduled as one hour sessions. Each session cost is $80, which includes all coaching, programming, and time in the gym. 

To schedule your reconditioning training, get recommendations for training/recovery, or with any other questions, contact Kendell at (970) 391-6408 or at
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