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Mission Statement

Off Ice Athletics is committed to developing strong, durable, and balanced athletes through safe, fundamental, and well-rounded strength and conditioning training. We strive to give each athlete the physical tools they need to perform at their best on the ice and on the field. We aim to teach each athlete the skills and habits to continue their training and development through their life, not just during their athletic careers. We are committed to helping each athlete understand the benefits of their hard work, integrity, and respect of others in and out of the gym.

Who We Are

Since opening our doors in 2020, Off Ice Athletics have helped in the development of youth, college, and professional athletes across multiple sports, including hockey, lacrosse, swimming, and tennis. Our team understands the different needs of working with athletes across different ages, stages of life, and sports to help each athlete see success as they continue to grow and develop. We look at strength and conditioning training as a way to allow each athlete to grow long-term, not simply for short-term gains. Along side our work with individual athletes, we partner with multiple sport organizations around Las Vegas to help with their visions of continued, well-rounded athlete development.

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